Perry Benson

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03-NancySteveSnooze 04-TheBus 03-TourOnTV 04-020
Steve and Nancy
sleeping it off at Dory's
parent's in Atlantic
Ol' Blue After biking all day we
get a chance to watch some
tv and what do we watch?
The Tour de France, of course.
What do we all want
to do at the end of
Sleep - a lot
04-023 04-025 04-Coralville 04-Douglas
Post-ride cook-out
at Nancy's parent's
in Bettendorf
Post ride cook-out
at Nancy's parent's
in Bettendo
Ron and Paula Douglas
in Coralville
Ron and Paula
Douglas arising
04-Jeff-at-the-Wheel 04-JeffDunn 04-JimLen 04-JimVaupel
Jeff Dunn at the wheel Jeff Dunn Jim and Ken ready
to strike terror in the
hearts of slower riders
Jim Vaupel assumes
the post-RAGBRAI
sleeping position
on the bus